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Wines to Pair With the 2018 World Series

Yes I suppose I’m a little late to the game here, mostly in a literal sense. But the hurt and rejection I’ve felt since that One Game Wild Card has sent me right into the arms of the Warriors, without once looking back. Tis’ the season of the Fall Classic, however, and my love for the great game of baseball requires I pair it with a little Spanish wine. So without further prattling over love lost…

Wines to pair with the 2018 World Series

For the Red Sox Fan– Look. I haven’t like the Red Sox since they took us out in the 2003 AL Division Series, when I decided to hate them even more than the Yankees. But, as any A’s fan should, I’ve learned over much deliberation and Coors Light, that it is simply just our fault. And although we’ve given them so many of our young players over the years, I do want to thank them for the Josh Reddick and Brandon Moss kinds of seasons, where games at least turned fun again. Plus a couple of my favorite people are Red Sox fans. I think for this erratic sort of relationship, we should drink a funky, erratic sort of wine. The Escoda-Sanahuja ‘La Llopetera’ should work just fine. Sometimes it’s elegant and sexy, sometimes it’s barnyardy AF, but I always seem like it in the end. It’s made of Pinot Noir, which is not indigenous to Conca de Barberà and I typically doesn’t roll on my wine list. But I tend to make exceptions for things I like.

For the Dodger Fan– Hey ya’ll, you let me live in your fantastic city, very close to Dodger Stadium, for almost 2 years. In that time I went to a lot of Dodger games, drank a lot of Micheladas and even got to see my boy, Yoenis Cespedes knock a couple balls in the playoffs. This isn’t to say I want you to win, though. Do you think I’ve forgotten about 1988? I do miss my Dodger fans something fierce up here, and look forward to every visit and every glass of bubbles we drink at Cafe Stella. So for my beloved friends in blue, the Can Sumoi ‘Ancestral Sumoll’ is a perfect fit. This delicious, zero zero semi-sparkler is made from the sumoll varietal and grown in the hills of the Penedès. It’s half way bubbly, all the way delicious and best drunk out of Porrón. See you soon, Los Angeles.

When Manny Machado Comes Up to Bat- Gosh I hate Manny Machado. Anyone who throws a baseball bat at my boys should probably go down in flames. But of course, this angsty little dude is playing World Series baseball, so let’s down a little vino when Manny comes up to bat. For Manny, I’m going straight to the Priorat for sheer brut force and the power to fight back. Mas Martinet ‘Camí Pesseroles’ is my drink of choice here. It’s herbal, dark, powerful and elegant. It’s like one of those warm, summer night games in Oakland, where we are about to lose but win in a walk off in the 9th. It says I see you, I don’t forget you, but I’m certainly stronger than you.

The Win- Ok I honestly don’t care who wins here. If the Red Sox win, maybe I can hear less about Tom Brady. If the Dodgers win, maybe they’ll stop playing that old ass Kirk Gibson footage. Either way, I’ll be excited when this series is over and we can look forward to Spring Training in February. So for that tiny glimmer of hope, I’m drinking my number one stunner right now- Matías i Torres Negramoll. Grown on the little island of La Palma in the Canaries, the Negramoll has the red wine power to keep me warm on winter nights, with the style and playfulness of summer love and baseball diamonds. It’s all I can ask for, really.

Happy World Series, everyone

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Wines to Pair with the NBA Finals: 2018 Edition

NBA Finals Oakland. One of my favorite versions of the bustling metropolis, the ever-evolving, the rapidly extravagant city that (as of now) hosts the 5 time Champion Golden State Warriors. Even Ice Cube was at the Lake Chalet in Oakland this morning, signaling that everyone wants a piece of this amazing city and that Today will in fact, be a Good Day. Now without further ado…

Wines to Pair with the 2018 NBA Finals.

China Klay

I’ve heard it said, the most dependable, possibly the best player on the Warriors squad is “China Klay.” After letting it all hang out over his two week stint China this summer, Klay Thompson taught the world what it’s like to ‘do you’, and absolutely slay. And while I hope Klay refrains from the Dim Sum over the next few weeks, I feel perfectly comfortable watching the Finals with a batch of soup dumplings and a bottle of Celler La Salada ‘Roig Boig.’ Roig Boig is a hodge podge of indigenous, nearly extinct varieties from the Penedès region of Spain. Farmed and vinified organically, made in the Petillant style and so delicious with dumplings I’m surprised China Klay wasn’t spraying it all over the Rockets Locker room.

The Steph Shimmy

I named our sherry flight at Bellota after Steph Curry, so it only makes sense to drink the sherry while we watch our boy do the shimmy. For a delicious bottle of briny Manzanilla, look to Alexander Jules ‘8/41.’ Alexander Russan is an importer, a winemaker and an extremely proficient sherry barrel selector. He scours the Sherry Triangle for exceptional sherry barrels, buys them from the sherry house solera and bottles them for my (and your) consumption. (Should any of these words confuse you, reread my previous Sherry blog.) We have this wine by the glass at Bellota so be sure to quaff some down bar-side before a game.

The Hamptons 5

I have high hopes for Iguadala’s return, so when the Hampton’s Five takes the court this Finals, let’s all get fancy. I myself have never been to the Hamptons, but were I to go to this popular seaside celeb hangout, I’d take a delicious bottle of Envínate ‘Palo Blanco.’ The Palo Blanco is made from 100 year old vine Listan Blanco, grown of the steep hillsides of Tenerife, Las Canarias. It’s a relatively rare wine, more thoughtful than most celebrity types and such a great example of terruño you may not even notice Kanye West walking past you. Rumor has it, it may even be the wine they drank when seducing Durant into playing with us. We may never know.

The LeBron Show

Fine fine, LeBron James is kind of an anomaly. And after four finals and a number of Christmases together, he knows how to show off for the Warriors. When its time to sit back and watch him get crazy, I’ll be sipping on a grippy, muscular glass of 2013 Clos Martinet from the Priorat. Dark fruit, tobacco and slate to answer back LeBron’s uncanny ability to put up so many points. Hopefully my dad will have grilled up a steak and my dog will have readied her earmuffs.

The Big Win

Whether LeBron gets crazy or not, I’ve got to count on another Oakland win. For this year’s festivities, I’m drinking a bottle of Clos Lentiscus ‘Xarel.lo Xpressió.’ Winemaker, Manel Avinyó adds rosemary honey from the estate’s Bee Farm to start the secondary fermentation- giving the wine a creamy, bees-waxy flavor and texture. White flowers, jasmine, rocky terruño, herbs and a delicious nuttiness make up the flavor components of this champagne style sparkler. Last year I was in Spain when we won, silently crying and yelling from my wonderful accommodations with my friends at Succés Vinícola. This year, I plan on popping the top off this sucker right here in Oakland- just as soon as I see Steph kissing that Larry O’Brien Trophy. GO DUBS!!!


PS- All of these wines are on the wine list at Bellota, which is where I work now, which I swear we’ll talk about as soon as I get time. I’ve missed you.


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Priorat, the Power Hitter

In 2012, Yoenis Céspedes knocked a 462 foot bomb into the left center field of the Oakland Coliseum. It was probably the longest home run Oakland had seen in 13 years- possibly ever, and it’s certainly the longest it’s seen since. Now the size of Priorat may be arguably smaller than the size of the All-Star Cuban power hitter, but the wines are just as muscular, just as handsome and come just as equipped with la potencia to clear the bases. (more…)