Wines to Pair with the NBA Finals

Redemption is drawing nigh. The tragic Game 7 loss to the Cav’s in last year’s NBA Finals remains heavy on everyone’s heart. But finally, a year later, we are ready for battle. The streets of Oakland are lined with people in Warriors gear, banners are hung with pride around Lake Merritt and “Authentic Warriors Fans” signs are posted in the windows of every small business in town. This is War. The NBA Finals are upon us and I for one am jumping out of my skin excited.

In addition to the (Steph) curry dishes and the chicken wings, we are going to need to stock up on some wine. Here’s what to drink during the myriad of events and emotions we will face in the 2017 NBA Finals.

The Long Haul

Let’s face it, these NBA playoffs last a very long time, and we’ve got to keep our head in the game. Enter, Txakolina- the slightly fizzy, low alcohol quaffer we need to stay focused through the coming weeks. The 2016s are ripe and ready for action. They are tart, linear laser light beams that go down as easy as a Steph Curry three-pointer. Added bonus- these wines are better drunk out of a tumbler than they are a wine glass- because who has time for stemware when you’re yelling at the TV?

The Bad Calls

Conspiracy theorist or not, these refs make some pretty crazy calls. And while these calls can sometimes make our blood boil, we have to learn to chillax. When anger hits, I recommend grabbing a bottle of Albariño and calming your nerves with some slick ocean vibes. Nonclares y Prieto Albariño from the salty coasts of Rías Baixas should do the trick. Salty, lean, mineral driven Albariño that will take you to your beach and back by the time LeBron’s free throw shots are over.

The Draymond Technical

Right or wrong you know somewhere along the line, Draymond Green is going to run his mouth- and the Refs are going to be all over it. For these special moments I’m going to recommend Fazenda Prádio Mencía. Easy drinking, a little savor, a little gravely earth and the prettiest touch of fruit that could calm even Draymond’s technical-sized anger on the court. Made by a guy who doesn’t mind throwing a little shade at authority.

A Possible Game Loss

Let’s get real here, LeBron and the Cav’s are no laughing matter. The Dubs stand to lose at least one game. Should this happen, I think red wine and Netflix are in order for a regroup. My reco- Sierra de Toloño Tempranillo and an episode of Master of None. This light-bodied, biodynamic Tempranillo won’t depress or weigh you down, but offers the right amount of muscle for the hug goodnight you’re going to need. And Master of None is just pure genius.

The Big Win

As a baseball fan, jinxes scare me to no end. In basketball, however, I like to talk a little shit. To put it mildly, we are going win this thing. So grab a bottle of Cava, throw ‘er in the fridge and get ready to pop the cork off that puppy straight into Lebron’s ugly mug (whoa, Erin). I will actually be in Catalonia, the land of Cava, for the last game of the Finals- so I’m set. For my people back in the homeland, however, head to your favorite trusted wine shop for all your sparkling wine winning needs. Refer to my Cava post for proper inspiration. Birba, Table Wine, Ordinaire and Bay Grape are my go-to’s in the Bay. For my peeps in LA, hit Silverlake Wine or Lou Wine Shop in Los Feliz. Either way, line those walls with plastic and prepare to spray bubbles everywhere- because Oakland, WE GOT THIS!!


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